Exmat Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
exmat::AddExp< Left, Right, SpecTag >The AddExp class
exmat::PNS::AliasAnalyser< Exp >The alias analyzer
exmat::PNS::AliasAnalyser< Exp >::Helper< T >Helper class, to defer type initialization
exmat::AlignedStack< StackSize, align_bytes >An aligned stack. StackSize is in bytes
exmat::AND_bool< Val1, Val2 >Implements the && operation for bool
exmat::ASSIGN_ANALYSISDefines types of assignment analysis
exmat::PNS::Assign_UnRollCol_STAT< MAT1, MAT2, c >Unroll Cols only
exmat::PNS::Assign_UnRollRow_STAT< MAT1, MAT2, r >Unroll Rows only
exmat::PNS::Assign_UnRollRowCol_STAT< MAT1, MAT2, row_, col_ >Unroll both Rows and Cols
exmat::PNS::Assign_UnRollSIMDSTAT< MAT1, MAT2, i >Unroller for SIMD
exmat::BinExp< Left, Right >The BinExp class
exmat::BinViewValueTypeChooser< OpT1, OpT2, VT >
ColView< Rep >The ColView class
exmat::ColView< Rep >The ColView class
exmat::CommaInitializer< MAT >The CommaInitializer class
exmat::compatibility_errorThe compatibility_error class
exmat::CompileTimeChecker<>The CompileTimeChecker class
exmat::CompileTimeChecker< false >The CompileTimeChecker<false> total specialization
exmat::const_mat_ctg_iterator< MAT >
exmat::const_mat_iterator< MAT >Const version of mat_iterator
ConstCofactorsView< Rep >The ConstCofactorsView class
exmat::ConstCofactorsView< Rep >The ConstCofactorsView class
ConstColView< Rep >The ConstColView class
exmat::ConstColView< Rep >The ConstColView class
ConstDummyView< Rep >The ConstDummyView class
exmat::ConstDummyView< Rep >The ConstDummyView class
exmat::ConstErrChkedRow< MAT >The ConstErrChkedRow class
ConstHMergeView< Rep1, Rep2 >The horizontal matrix merge view class
exmat::ConstHMergeView< Rep1, Rep2 >The horizontal matrix merge view class
ConstReverseVecView< Rep >The ConstReverseVecView class
exmat::ConstReverseVecView< Rep >The ConstReverseVecView class
ConstRowView< Rep >The ConstRowView class
exmat::ConstRowView< Rep >The ConstRowView class
ConstTransView< Rep >The ConstTransView class
exmat::ConstTransView< Rep >The ConstTransView class
exmat::DefaultErrorCheckerThe DefaultErrorChecker class
exmat::PNS::DeterminantComplexity< N >Calculate the complexity of a determinant
exmat::DO< Statement >Do - while loop
DummyView< Rep >The DummyView class
exmat::DummyView< Rep >The DummyView class
exmat::DynamicTmpList< DyTmpCon >The DynamicTmpList class
DynConstMinorView< Rep >The DynMinorView class
exmat::DynConstMinorView< Rep >The DynMinorView class
DynConstSubMatView< Rep >The DynSubMatView class
exmat::DynConstSubMatView< Rep >The DynSubMatView class
DynConstSubVecView< Rep >The DynSubVecView class
exmat::DynConstSubVecView< Rep >The DynSubVecView class
exmat::DynMinorView< Rep >The DynMinorView class
DynMinorView< Rep >The DynMinorView class
DynSubMatView< Rep >The DynSubMatView class
exmat::DynSubMatView< Rep >The DynSubMatView class
DynSubVecView< Rep >The DynSubVecView class
exmat::DynSubVecView< Rep >The DynSubVecView class
exmat::EmptyErrorCheckerThe EmptyErrorChecker class
exmat::EnableIf_c< B >The enable_if class family
exmat::EQUAL< Val1, Val2 >Implements the == operation for int
exmat::ErrChkedRow< MAT >The ErrChkedRow class
exmat::EWHILE< Statement >While loop (exec)
exmat::EWHILE1< Statement >While loop (exec)
exmat::ExpMat< Rep >The ExpMat class
exmat::ExpRow< EXP >The ExpRow class
exmat::FullErrorCheckerThe FullErrorChecker class
exmat::PNS::GetAliasTmpType< Exp >Find the appropriate temp type for an aliased assignment operation
exmat::GetBinExpTmpType< T, ROWS, COLS, Left, Right >
exmat::GetTmp< TL, TC, Index_, TarIndex_ >The GetTmp class
exmat::GREATER< Val1, Val2 >Implements the > operation for int
exmat::GREATER_EQUAL< Val1, Val2 >Implements the >= operation for int
exmat::HasTagOf< C, TAG >The class HasTagOf
exmat::HMergeView< Rep1, Rep2 >The horizontal matrix merge view class
HMergeView< Rep1, Rep2 >The horizontal matrix merge view class
exmat::IF< Condition, ThenType, ElseType >The IF class
exmat::Int2Type< v >The Int2Type class
exmat::IsDerivedFrom< Derived, Base >The IsDerivedFrom class
exmat::IsPowOf2< num, n >
exmat::ISSAMETYPE< T1, T2 >The ISSAMETYPE class
exmat::LeafeNode< Exp_ >The LeafeNode class
exmat::LESS< Val1, Val2 >Implements the < operation for int
exmat::LESS_EQUAL< Val1, Val2 >Implements the <= operation for int
exmat::LinBinExp< Left, Right >The LinBinExp class
exmat::LinearBinExpSize< Left, Right >The LinearExpSize class
exmat::Mat< Rep, ErrChecker_ >The Mat matrix class
exmat::mat_ctg_iterator< MAT >
exmat::mat_iterator< MAT >
exmat::MAX< N1, N2 >Static maximum of 2 int values
exmat::mem_align_errorThe mem_align_error class
exmat::MIN< N1, N2 >Static minimum of 2 int values
exmat::MulBinExp< Left, Right >The MulBinExp class
exmat::MulBinExpSize< Left, Right >The MulBinExpSize class
exmat::MulExp< Left, Right, SpecTag >The MulExp class
exmat::NOT_EQUAL< Val1, Val2 >Implements the != operation for int
exmat::OperandTypeChooser< OperandType >
exmat::OR_bool< Val1, Val2 >Implements the || operation for bool
exmat::out_of_bound_error< INDEX >The out_of_bound_error class
exmat::POW< m, n >Raising a static variable m, to the power of a static number n
exmat::ReleaseTmpAt< TmpList, Index >The ReleaseTmpAt class
exmat::PNS::ReplaceTmp< TList >The ReplaceTmp class
exmat::PNS::ReplaceTmp< Loki::NullType >ReplaceTmp termination specialization
exmat::ResultantChecker< CHK1, CHK2 >The ResultantChecker class
ReverseVecView< Rep >The ReverseVecView class
exmat::ReverseVecView< Rep >The ReverseVecView class
exmat::RowReMapView< Rep >The TransView class
RowReMapView< Rep >The TransView class
RowView< Rep >The RowView class
exmat::RowView< Rep >The RowView class
exmat::ScalarDivExp< Left, Right, SpecTag >The ScalarDivExp class
exmat::ScalarMulExp< Left, Right, SpecTag >The ScalarMulExp class
exmat::SIMD::SCon< ROWS_, COLS_, T >
exmat::SIMD::SCon_CM< ROWS_, COLS_, T >SIMD container, column major. Special use for column vector
exmat::SIMD::SCon_RM< ROWS_, COLS_, T >SIMD container, row major
exmat::SIMD::SConCA_CM< ROWS_, COLS_, T >SIMD container, column major and custom stack allocated. Special use for column vector
exmat::SIMD::SConCA_RM< ROWS_, COLS_, T >SIMD container, row major and custom stack allocated
exmat::SIMD::SConCHooser< R, C, T >Choose the column major container for
exmat::BITSET::SetBitAt< Bits, I, Bit >Set the bit at I to Bit, new unit will be added if needed
exmat::SQRT< n >Square root of an int
exmat::SIMD::SSCon< Rep >Wrapper class for all kinds of SIMD containers and expressions
StaticConstMinorView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstMinorView class
exmat::StaticConstMinorView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstMinorView class
exmat::StaticConstSubMatView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstSubMatView class
StaticConstSubMatView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstSubMatView class
exmat::StaticConstSubVecView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstSubVecView class
StaticConstSubVecView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticConstSubVecView class
exmat::StaticMinorView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticMinorView class
StaticMinorView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticMinorView class
exmat::StaticSubMatView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticSubMatView class
StaticSubMatView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticSubMatView class
exmat::StaticSubVecView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticSubVecView class
StaticSubVecView< Rep, ExtraTParam >The StaticSubVecView class
exmat::stride_iterator< Iterator_Type, Value_Type, Reference_Type, Pointer_Type, Difference_Type >
exmat::SubExp< Left, Right, SpecTag >The SubExp class
exmat::Tag2UnaExp< ExpTag, Rep, ExtraTParam >Expression tag to expression object
exmat::TmpAnalyserBinNode< Exp_, TmpList, TarConType, ForceUseTmp, IsRootNode, NeedTmp_ >The TmpAnalyserBinNode class
exmat::TmpAnalyserUnaNode< Exp_, TmpList, TarConType, ForceUseTmp, IsRootNode, NeedTmp_ >The TmpAnalyserUnaNode class
exmat::TmpInstance< TmpList >The TmpInstance class
exmat::TmpListEntry< Con, IsFree_ >The TmpListEntry class
exmat::TParamINT2< I1, I2 >TParamInt2 store 2 integer
exmat::TParamINT4< I1, I2, I3, I4 >TParamInt4 store 4 integer
exmat::TransView< Rep >The TransView class
TransView< Rep >The TransView class
exmat::Type2Type< T >The Type2Type class
exmat::UnaExp< Rep >The UnaExp class
exmat::UniformRandThe uniform randomizer, using rand() in stdlib
exmat::Vec< Rep, ErrChecker_ >The Vec vector class
exmat::ViewNodeThe ViewNode class
exmat::WHILE< Statement >While loop
exmat::XOR_bool< Val1, Val2 >Implements the ^ operation for bool

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