Exmat File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Adjoint.h [code]
AliasAnalyser.h [code]Detect any aliased assignment problem
Allocator.h [code]Contain memory allocator
Math/AM_Math.h [code]Approximated mathematical functions using pure C++
SIMD/SSE/AM_Math.h [code]Approximated mathematical functions using SSE
SIMD/SSE2/AM_Math.h [code]Approximated mathematical functions using SSE2
Assignment.h [code]Classes for assignment
Cofactors.h [code]
Col.h [code]
Commainit.h [code]Classes for comma initialization
Config.h [code]Defined constants
Constants.h [code]
Determinant.h [code]Determinant of Mat
Dummy.h [code]
ErrorCheck.h [code]Contain the 3 different ErrorCheckers, error messages, exception classes and associated helper classes
exmat.h [code]The main include file for exmat
ExpInfo.h [code]Print out the information about an expression
Expression.h [code]Contain the expression classes
ExpTmp.h [code]Analysis the expression, introducing necessary temporaries
ExpTree.h [code]Class to support the expression analysis
FunctionTable.h [code]Wrap around the utility functions within a function table
Intrinsics.h [code]
/Intrinsics.h [code]
Iterators.h [code]Contain special iterators
Mat.h [code]Contain the class Mat, Vec, and the associated operators
Math/Math.h [code]
SIMD/SSE/Math.h [code]Math functions using SSE
MatMul.h [code]
/MatMul.h [code]
Merge.h [code]
Metaprogramming.h [code]Meta programming
Minor.h [code]
PlatformSpec.h [code]
Random.h [code]
Reverse.h [code]
Row.h [code]
RowRemapView.h [code]
SIMD.h [code]
SIMDAlignment.h [code]
SIMDContainer.h [code]Contain container classes special for SIMD operations
SIMDExpression.h [code]
StaticAssert.h [code]Static/compile time assertion
SubMat.h [code]
SubVec.h [code]
Tag2Exp.h [code]Provide Tag 2 expression transformation service
Tags.h [code]Contain tag classes
Transpose.h [code]
TypeTraits.h [code]Provide type conversion
Math/Utility.h [code]Contains various mathematical constants, mathematical and utility functions
SIMD/SSE/Utility.h [code]
VecMath.h [code]Contain functions that operate on Mat and Vec
View.h [code]Contain different views

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